Double Door Fridge

Best 10 Double Door Fridge With New Innovation Technology In India

Most People In India Are Prone To Heatwaves. This Summer, It Is Almost Impossible To Keep Food In The Fridge For A Long Time. For This, You Need To Buy A Refrigerator. I Brought You Today The Top 10 Fridge.

Which Made In India With New Innovation Technology. All These Double Door Fridge Will Be Great For The Maintenance Of Your Food. Our Indians Really Like Their Fridge Or All The Other Household Items Themselves.

Nowadays, In The Age Of High Technology, Many Things Are Readily Available. But As It Turns Out, Buying Things Lasts A Long Time.

Double Door Fridge With New Innovation Technology In India

So In This Article, You Will Know About The Best Double Door Fridge For Your Home. You Can Also Buy Direct By Clicking On The Given Link So That Your Precious Time Will Not Waste.

The Fridges Are Great Because They Let You Get Cold Water On A Hot Day, Plus It Keeps Your Veggies And Fruits Fresh.  Which You Bought For A Week.

It Is Actually One Of The Many Easy Tools That Can Found In Your Home.  Of Course, Buying Ice Cream Boxes, However, Has To Make Sure It Can Contain The Work You Really Want To Do.

Thus, Here We Will Mention The Best Double Door Refrigerator That Can See In India. Also, We Will Provide A Purchase Guide Book That Can Give You The Best Choice.  When Paying For India’s Best Double Door Fridge.

Table of Contents

1. LG 260 Liter (GL-I292RPZL) Frost Free Double Door Fridge Price 30,690

This Specific Fridge Is Really A Much-Loved Version On The Marketplace. That Features A Fantastic Capacity Also It Does Exactly The Occupation It Guarantees. It Stems From Your Much-Loved Brand Name LG And Contains Tons Of Attributes.

Thus, Let Us Now Take A Good Peek At Many Capabilities. This Appliance Comes To Waiting For You For That Buyer.

LG 260 L GLI292RPZL Frost Free Double Door Fridge


Smart Inverter Technological Innovation:

Whenever You’re Buying A Fridge Frequently Period You Are Going To Realize. They Will Have Inverter Approaches, This Refrigerator Will Have Exactly The Exact Same. It’s Much More Glowing Since.

It Generates Fewer Sounds As You Possibly Can Whilst Retaining. The Generate Crisp And Fresh. The Compressor Comes With A 10-Year Guarantee.

Multi Air Flow Cooling:

Whenever You Place Things From The Fridge. You Desire Most Of Them To Make Economically Trendy. This Version Is Also Ideal. Since It’s Multi-Air Stream Cooling That Simplifies The Characteristic To Trendy.

That Which Entirely Contained From The Refrigerator. Also, It’s Likewise Done As Fast As Achievable.

Moist Balance:

Quite Often People Don’t Need To Continue. To Keep Their Manufacture From The Refrigerator. Since They Consider That It Can Switch Them Too Soggy, Ill-Tasting Food. However, This Specific Fridge From Lg Maintains.

The Humidity Harmony Whilst The Vegetable Box Includes A Lattice Routine Insure. This Keeps From The Humidity Also Lets The Veggies And Fruits Stay Fresh & Brand New.

Energy Efficient:

One of the primary what to start looking for in a Fridge is its own EER evaluations. This specific version includes a 4star EER evaluation. Meaning it will absorb less volume of vitality within a year that causes less power invoice.

Great Space:

This Fridge Has Very Good Capability And You Can Find Several Compartments. That Lets You Save Factors In A Way That Is Efficient. It’s Ideal For A Big Household Or For People That Must Save Lots Of Important Things.

Whilst Someone Is Currently Buying A Refrigerator. Then They Should Research The Extras Which They Are Becoming. The Holes Within This Specific Version Produce With Toughened Glass Also Besides. It Has An Intelligent Diagnostic Attribute.

Extra Features:

The Fridge Additionally Has An Automobile Attached To Its Own Inverter. So, It Might Work Well During A Power Reduction.

Overall, this particular LG fridge is a successful double-door fridge. Another great example is that a particular person can keep it indoors.

It is set from an efficient blower to a solid glass tray, which anyone needs. As the highest double-door refrigerator in India in 2020, we can all get it.

2. Haier 320 L Frost-Free Double Door Fridge (HRB-3404BMS-E) – INR 36,300

Some family members need a big fridge at their home. These days’ busy persons love to pre-buy their complete weeks’ worth of creating and then use it bit by bit.

For these, this version from Haier will be a perfect one since it’s productive in every term. So, why don’t we view some of the characteristics that this particular model sport.

Haier 320 L Frost Free Double Door Fridge HRB3404BMSE



Certainly, one of the first matters which you may notice about. Its fridge is really that the freezer can found at the base rather than being at the top. The motive for it is the simple fridge can use much more than the freezer.

Thus, individuals can use the freezer at any time. They need to instead of generally bending down to take the vegetables out.


This specific fridge has got 3 EER stars which means it will help an individual save a significant bit of cash. It’d not inflate the power bills such as the regular fridges do so are without all sorts of power efficiency.

360 Degree Cooling:

The main point of getting a fridge is always to have productive cooling. Thus that the things kept in the fridge remain fresh. The 360-degree cooling system is technology.

That takes the cool air throughout the fridge cooling everything down equally. Also, it is able to keep the cooling.


The power of this fridge is 320 L-shaped, which is much more than the typical models available on the market. There’s enough room to put away plenty of vegetables and water. They maintain fresh for a much longer volume of time.

One Hour Icing Engineering:-

Do you want to have ice fast? If so, then this version will be an excellent choice as it helps to suspend water in just an hour. By pulling down the cooling temperature to approximately -5 degrees Celsius. Therefore that the ice has formed quickly.

Other features:

This fridge filled with tons of other features that will force you to crave to possess it at your home. These include stabilizer free functioning. Separate jar space, toughened glass trays, double spin ice tray, and better LEDs.

Overall, this model out of Haier is actually a good inclusion in one’s. One should somebody want an efficient double door fridge. The other point about this model is that it is fantastic for the older.

Because they do not need to bend a lot whilst using this fridge. For this people are likewise having the confidence of Haier. Which is a well-known electronic appliance provider in the world.

3. Samsung 253 Liter (RT28T3032SE/HL) Refrigerator 2 Star With 24,700 Rupees

Samsung can be actually a house name for some Indians. While they’re famous for generating assorted kinds of electronics apparatus. In addition to their goods, they are very good plus so they stay place for lengthier lengths of time.

They’ve now been creating refrigerators for a little while. Which version is just one of the best accessible on the industry at this time. Thus, why don’t we view a few of the capabilities a person can purchase. Whenever they acquire this fridge out of the marketplace.

Samsung 253 Liter RT28T3032SEHL Refrigerator 2Star



This specific version includes a two Star EER evaluation that informs you. It is going to assist you to save your valuable prized money that may have gone in direction of power invoices.

Electronic Inverter Technological Innovation:

Comfort is an equally significant part of the fridge. Because it needs to remain together with you for quite a lengthy moment. Samsung is popularly famous because of its electronic audio technology plus. It’s been one of them version too.

The fridge gets got the capability to feel. The warmth and trendy predicated on you personally. This, then, makes it energy-efficient in contrast to a number of the additional designs.

That clearly was really a 10-year compressor guarantee offered by Samsung. with this particular version.

Anti Bacterial Gasket:

Some of the primary explanations for owning a fridge will be to maintain. The meals and removes from bacteria that are harmful. This fridge includes a gasket that keeps germs off in order everything in the fridge. It continues to be fresh new and eatable.

All Spherical Cooling:

The heating system in a fridge needs to be even. This fridge uses an all-round cooling technology. Which normally takes the trendy atmosphere through the fridge.

And helps that which to cool. This technology also can help to keep the fridge cooler for long lengths of time. When there is an electrical lower.

Moist New Zone:

To keep the vegetables and fruits fresh new there needs to function as the correct sum of moisture. You may often see that products become sterile in most fridges. But the fruit and vegetable basket in this fridge created from a sense that it will retain the moisture.

Other features:

Once we all stated, this fridge does have a lot of qualities which allow it to value for the money. Some of them comprise the solder-free conduct. Which preserves its overall health during cleansing. the trays manufactured from toughened glass plus some are sliding.

There is extra space for keeping bottles and twist ice cream manufacturer. Alongside this, the fridge has a style that seems sophisticated and stylish.

In most cases, it can state that this budget-friendly double door Fridge. It will soon be a good choice for lots of people who would like to find something good in a reasonable selection.

It’s all the features you could expect from a fridge that’s obviously higher funding. Along with that, you’re getting the trust of Samsung. Which will be a company known for the good quality of its products.

4. Whirlpool 265 Liter Double Door Refrigerator INR 29,450

Whirlpool can be actually a renowned title when it regards refrigerators. The business has been available for quite a while. And also they understand these services and products which they’re making. This double door refrigerator out of these is really a much-loved piece by those who used it. Thus, let us know a little more about the characteristics located in it.

Whirlpool 265 Liter Double Door Refrigerator


Flexible Intelligence Engineering:

Users will always cherish a fridge that has the ability to judge. The conditions and then goes forward together with the cooling.

That’s merely the thing that can found in this model of the refrigerator by Whirlpool. It comprises three detectors which are able to adapt. According to this current weather patterns. The exact strain together with according to the loading.

This produces the cooling permanent thus. That those items continue being fresh in the fridge.

Macroblock technology:

You will never desire bacterial attacks on the items contained as part of your fridge. The macroblock technologies keep away the items from any problem created by bacteria. This retains the veggies and fruits crispy and fresh for a longer period.

Freshflow Air Tower:

The fridge has a tech where fresh air goes throughout all parts of it in order that there can be a cooling system. Along with this also keeps the environment of this fridge as fresh as workable.

Stabilizer Totally Free Operation:

In the event you buy this fridge you wouldn’t need to think about buying an extra stabilizer. The fridge has the capability to function on voltages among 160 V to 300 V with no problem. Therefore this model would not get into trouble. If there’s voltage lightning or fluctuations.

Quite often fridges receive a darkening odor on account of these several things. which can be store inside. Still, the Active Deo engineering present inside this model can help you keep bad smells at bay. So, each time you are going to start the fridge it’s going to soon be a fine encounter.

Everyday Fresh:

Some items in the fridge are all for regular consumption for example yogurt and milk. You’d like them to chilled somewhat differently compared to usual items. Within this model, there is really a dedicated every single brand new tray. So the buyers could access the items quite easily.

In all, it could say this Whirlpool fridge is fantastic for those people. Who wants to continue to keep their manufacture fresh new for quite a long moment. The model includes powerful cooling to the cost that one is not paying.

Men and women who buy that the fridge will definitely be happy with their purchase. Because of the features and the newest always give quality items. The things will soon chill properly along with also the fridge will last with them for a long moment.

5. Haier 258 L (HEF-25TDS) Double Door Refrigerator Price INR 29,050

We are again with a Haier item since it’s actually a much-loved company in the global sector. This period the size of the refrigerator is bigger. And also the freezer is towards the most effective.

Haier has been famous in making good and elegant products and we have just one for you personally here. So, make us now have a look at many the qualities which make this fridge a deserving product to get at your house.

Haier 258 Liter HEF25TDS Double Door Fridge


Swift Convertible:

At-times the freezer doesn’t offer much help. yet, we aren’t able to use it for whatever else as opposed to freezing. Yet in this specific model by Haier. there’s another selection where in fact the freezer could change to a basic fridge.

This really is great when you need to own more space for your veggies and fruits. The method only takes fifty minutes.

Turbo Icing Technology:

Trying to find the water to turn in to ice can be a long course of action. What if you needed your own ice fast? This fridge does exactly the job in just 48 moments and you will satisfy with the product which you just get.


At any time you buy a fridge, do make certain it’s EER ratings. This kind of version has got 3 stars. That means it will perform very well and help you save up in your own electrical charge. The fridge also comes with twin energy-saving modes.

Anti Fungal Gasket:

Fungus to the food kept in a fridge perhaps not merely appears bad. But it actually ruins the whole atmosphere. So, this version comes with an anti-inflammatory gasket. That can help to keep the foods fresh for longer.

Other features:

One other characteristic of the fridge contains sets from the moveable hockey menu. Simple clean technology, tower LED lighting technique, etc..

Overall it might say that this double door fridge from Haier is absolutely a superb choice. In case you want to buy a nice model at a price. It has each of the characteristics that someone will be in need of.

6. Godrej 311 Liter (RT EON 331 P 3.4) Double Door Fridge Price 34,290

Godrej is another well-known company in regards to home appliances from India. Folks like their products and they place a budget. That is readily accessible to the middle class of India.

This specific model from Godrej is much adored as it has a great capability. And a great design at exactly the identical time. Thus, let us understand a little more about seeing the different things which we get in this fridge.

Godrej 311 Liter RTEON331P34 Fridge


Cool Shower Technology:

Inside this fridge, the air vents stored over the trays so that the items get to get heating. The cooling takes place in 360 degrees so that none of those corners of the fridge made from heating.

Intelligent Mode:

It is always preferable to get a fridge that’s intelligent to the needs of the items that are present inside it. This version adheres to the need and this turn assists in saving a lot of energy.

Apart from that, it helps in intelligent defrosting whenever there is a demand for this. This way the user does not need to devote their time fretting about it.

Quick freeze:

The quick-freeze technology can help you to freeze. The water when possible to ensure that a person doesn’t need to spend a whole lot of time to await the ice. This is a significant feature that comes useful in summertime days.

Aroma Lock:

Would you want to maintain the aroma that comes from your fresh produce? If yes, then that fridge by Godrej is your very best friend as it has got the ability to achieve that.

Also, the fridge comprises of Carbon Palladium deodorizer. That keeps the environment healthy and fresh for longer periods of time.

Low Beginning Voltage:

Voltage changes can be a problem in India. And they’re usually harmful to electric appliances. But it wouldn’t be a problem inside this fridge as it’s the capability. To operate between 140 V to 260 V without the support of a stabilizer

Extra features:

There are plenty of extra features within this fridge which includes, slide-out bins. Dedicated space for water bottles, store and function bins, and chiller tray. All this makes it a good appliance to get to your house.

In most, it may state this is a fantastic model of the refrigerator from the home of Godrej. They understand the needs of a typical Indian family and with the aid of it.

They’ve established this fridge which provides space besides features. It’s ideal for a family that must save food for 3 to 4 people.

7. Samsung 324 L (RT34M5538DP/HL) Double Door Fridge Price 41,800

Here we have a Samsung product. This time we thought about bringing something that’s fresh and tasteful. That this is, in fact, a creature around being a fridge. And it has a lot of necessary features that assist in proper cooling to keep the things fresh for quite a while. So, let us take a look at many of its qualities.

Samsung RT34M5538DP HL324 L Fridge


Smart Convertible 5 in 1:

This is definitely the most unique feature that is present in this fridge. Which lets you convert the freezer to some basic fridge. This also includes the choice to pick any of those 5 modes offered by the corporation.

There are different modes like the holiday style, seasonal mode. Which improves the manner that you use a fridge.

Inverter compressors:

Inverter compressors are consistently better for a fridge since they are more efficient. It keeps the food fresh by remaining cool for a long time even when there’s a power cut. Along with that, it’s intended for saving on energy. To provide you with a nice electricity bill during the year.

You don’t just want to cool your meals once you store them in the fridge, but also need them to stay fresh. The dual cooling and technology present within this model helps to keep 70 percent.

Of the moisture present in the fresh fruits and vegetables. Also, the compartments cooled separately in order that there isn’t a market of scents.

Power Freeze and Ability Cool:

The fridge does not want you to wait for a lifetime if you’re in need of ice or cold water. Both the power freeze and electricity cool choices help to perform. The tasks about 30% faster than the typical fridges available on the market.


It is essential for a fridge to have a deodorizer. Since it will help to keep the environment odor-free and fresh. Purchasers will get that in this fridge as the carbon filters within the model can help you to keep it fresh.

Digital screen:

Would you wish to keep a track of these configurations which you’ve implemented to the fridge? If yes, then this model has you covered as it has the electronic display. Which makes things super simple and convenient.

Added Attributes:

There are a lot of further attributes to this double door fridge which contains a spin ice manufacturer. Automatic free performance extra bottle area. Door alert and effective LED lightings, solar energy connectivity. Overall, it can say that this particular model from Samsung is a wonderful choice.

If you’ve got the budget for accessing it. The convertible feature makes it ultra-efficient as you may pick the things. That occurs with the food that you maintain. With a warranty in the house of Samsung, the fridge is likely to remain with the buyer for quite a lengthy time.

8. LG 335 Liter Refrigerator (GL-R372JPZN) Price 44,690

LG has ever made a stylish and elegant product which will work well as well as provide a wonderful look at the home. This fridge is a double door and ideal for that task since it looks amazing with its own metallic sheen.

And also with the appearance of it, you get to understand it is going to work well. One other wonderful thing about it’s the capacity that’s enough for a family of 4 people. Thus, let us take a look at some of the attributes present in this model.

LG 335 Liter Double Refrigerator GLR372JPZN


Often times you will understand that the cooling on your fridge is inefficient. And the levels may change from one part to another. But in this specific double door fridge, you would not get this kind of problem. Due to the linear cooling technology.

The cooling is linear which means that there is efficient and equal cooling in all areas of the fridge.

Inverter Linear Compressor:

LG knowing for producing great compressors and they’ve included one in this version. The linear compressor tends to work far better than the typical compressors.

It has the efficiency to take care of temperature differences. As well as reduce energy consumption and sound at the identical moment.

Door Cooling+:

Often a lot of the cooling in a fridge comes from the bottom of these trays. This makes it a very tough job to cool the items present in the front quite. Thus, the door cooling + facility in this model helps. The heating system to be much better on the front side.

Moist N’ Fresh:

Vegetables and fruits help us to get the moisture. thus if we are keeping them from the fridge we have to be sure they’re getting dried. The Moist and refreshing attribute present. In this version does visit it and helps you to keep the vegetables and fruits clean.

Convertible Box:

This is a box that’s present within the basic fridge section. Also, it can convert to incorporate more goods. It can have a temperature out of -1 degrees Celsius to 4 degrees Celsius according to your needs.

Energy Efficient:

To assist you with your energy bills, this model created in a manner. That has 4-star EER evaluations for improved energy consumptions.

More Features:

Many of the extra characteristics present in this double door fridge. Include 2L bottle storage, Smart join, Auto diagnostics, etc..

In all, it may say that this specific version from LG is a great one to include in your home. It does the work that it claims to do and you’ll fall in love with it when you’ve got it along with you. The fridge is perfect in a household that has about 4 to five members.

9. Whirlpool 245 L Refrigerator (Neo FR258 CLS Plus) Price 21,100

If you are about to buy a double door refrigerator. You then don’t need to fret about the buy price that you will need to pay for it. People frequently have the idea these fridges cost a lot of capital. But that’s not always the situation and it’s seen by means of this model from Whirlpool.

It’s really a budget double door fridge, yet. It has all the capabilities this one will want. When somebody is purchasing the fridge for everyday use. So, let us have a look at some of its features:

Whirlpool 245 Liter Double Door Fridge Neo FR258CLS Plus


Freshflow Advanced Air System:

The essential part of heating within a fridge. Lies within its own atmosphere system. If it isn’t efficient, then your heating system will be irregular and it can result in jagged foods. The brand new flow system in this model. Ensures that the heating reaches every shelf equally and. It also maintains an odor-free and fresh environment in the fridge. There is a constant flow of cool air across the fridge.

Macroblock tech:

You do not want microbes in your own veggies and fruits. To make sure that this particular model has the capacity to kill 99.9percent of the germs. And take care of the freshness of the veggies and fruits.

Large Vegetable Crisper:

Frequently fridges often dry vegetables out or create them intolerable within 23 days. However, this model has got the tech that helps to keep the vegetables fresh for approximately 7 days. Plus they’re in good condition.

Stabilizer free operation:

The new technology that has used within this fridge makes it to be stabilizer free and it saves your cost. To receive an external additive. It gets the ability to perform well in voltages between 130 V to 300 V.

In most of this double door fridge from Whirlpool can be just a great addition. To a family that contains 3-4 members. Everything becomes equally chilled in the fridge. So that you do not want to worried about things getting ruined. Besides, it looks elegant for really being a budget-friendly model. We had to mention it within our set of the best double door refrigerator in India 2020.

10. Haier 310 Liter (HRF-3304BKS-E) Refrigerator Price 37,800

The final product that we’re including in this listing again belongs to the home of Haier. We can never have enough words for the quality offered by the company.

Thus, we have to return again and again using their products. This model is a good one in the event you wish to have a refrigerator to get a family of 3 to 4 individuals.

The metallic appearance of it does pull your focus when you’ve got a look in it. Let’s get to find out more about this fridge.

Haier 310 Liter HRF3304BKSE Refrigerator


360-degree airflow:

The airflow technologies of this refrigerator are quite superior. Since it goes through all over the fridge. sS that every component of it’s chilled evenly.

This airflow system also aids in keeping a great amount of humidity inside the fridge. That keeps the freshness of those fruits and vegetables.

1-hour icing technology:

Customers often complain that their fridges have a very long time to turn water to ice. But that would not be a problem in this model as it’s 1-hour icing technology that does the job fast and efficiently.

Stabilizer Free Operation:

You would not need to buy an extra stabilizer once you buy this fridge. It may work great within 135-290 Volt. This is very important for India as ion fluctuations are frequent in several parts of the nation.


Haier products are constantly known to be more energy efficient. You also find it over here in this item that has 3 EER star evaluations. Thus, this can help you to conserve on energy consumption.

In all, it can say that this particular fridge from Haier is also an excellent inclusion at anyone’s house. The business also has great service options.

So if you are feeling a need you can find a servicing task done on your own fridge.

The quality of the business ensures that such a fridge will remain with a family for many years. And supply efficient heating and preservation.

Buying Guide to get a Double Door refrigerator 2020

Like any other electronic appliance. The refrigerator has innumerable choices whenever you take a look at the industry. Along with it also has different version types just like just one door refrigerator. And also the double door refrigerator.

While purchasing a model one has to help make the right choices. Which will tie up them with something that they enjoy. Ordinarily, these fridges intended for a larger family who must store greater things.

However, today an increasing number of people are choosing double door refrigerators. Rather than staying with the single door ones.

The double door refrigerator has two segments with 2 doors. Generally, the freezer located at the top, and the basic fridge is at the very bottom. But nowadays you can find a number of models where the freezer goes at the bottom.

Alongside that, the basic fridge segment has pockets. That can design for different things. The double door refrigerator is much significantly more power-saving.

As you will not want to open both the doors at the same time leading to excess energy intake. Also, one does not have to repaint double door refrigerators.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Double Door Refrigerators

1. What double door refrigerator is most useful in India?

From our listing of Top Ten + Best Double Door Refrigerators at India 2020. LG 260 L-4 Star Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator. Samsung 324 L3 Star Frost-Free Double-Door Refrigerator. Along with LG 335, L Frost-free Double Door Refrigerator is best in India.

2. How much is really a double door fridge?

Liter capacity, features, and functions decide the buy price. As well as also your funding determined. Exactly what you personally as a user need on your refrigerator.

3. What’s really a greater person or double door fridge?

Single door refrigerators are cheapest refrigerators and apt for your own purpose. While a double door fridge has superior functions. caliber, and capacity in relation to one door fridge.

If there is a cover a double door and also a family of more than three members. proceed to get a double door refrigerator.

4. Why Have Double door In Refrigerators?

Double door refrigerators separate freezer. This feature enables one to own segregated freezing. Stove from the freezer and refrigerator. The individual section keeps your ice-creams and things that need high cooling intact. Along with your veggies, water, and cooked items remain frost-free. And in ideal refrigeration from the refrigerator department.


Thus, here are a few things which you should keep in mind while you are buying a fridge. Along with that, we’ve come to the conclusion.

Of telling you about many of those greatest double door refrigerators. that you’re able to buy in India. Do keep those things in mind and we are certain you will get an appliance that you may like.

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