What Is Mi Mix Alpha Price In India And What Is The Features?

The Mix series from Xiaomi has always been at the bleeding edge of industrial design among Smartphones. The very first Mi Mix paved the way for the bezel-less Smartphones we see today. While the mi mix 2 meet that tech pretty mainstream. And the Mi Mix Alpha does the same for flexible OLED.

The Mi Mix Alpha is Xiaomi’s take on flexible displays. The biggest highlight of the phone is of course to display. Which wraps around the phone on three sides. Xiaomi call said the 4D surround display and frankly. It doesn’t look like anything I have seen before.

Mi Mix Alpha

Mi Mix Alpha Display

You can see a single OLED display bending and trending all the way to the back making. The phone looks like a giant slab of glass.

The panel is in the front and center and the phone has a screen-to-body ratio of 80.6%. What do you do with all that extra space? Xiaomi had a lot of use cases for talking, like using the back screen to take a selfie or using it to keep track of the music you are listening to.

Essentially the back screen can be customized to keep any widget in place and transfer content From the front screen to the rear panel. It is quite perfect and to prevent your fingers from accidentally touching the screen in the wrong places.

This AI and additional sensors now the edges of the panel are also quite useful. An edge is pressure sensitive and houses the virtual volume rockers the other side shows Your notifications are crowned and the status bar icons, unfortunately, can not deploy the phone.

Difference Between Other Phones And Mi Mix Alpha

So it is a big difference from the likes of the Huawei Mate X and the Samsung Galaxy fold. But what we really liked about the MI Mix Alpha is when it loads the entire screen. It begins to blow to show the amount of battery on the phone. From now on Xiaomi also experimented with more materials instantly.

The bright column that houses the camera module is made of ceramic. While the frame is made of titanium. Even the camera lenses are made of sapphire crystal. The phone uses piezoelectric speakers that were previously used in the mix and ultrasonic sounds must detect proximity. The screen is not the only thing that hallucinates in the smartphone.

Mi Mix Alpha Camera

The camera in the Mi Mix Alpha has a 108 Megapixel sensor that measures one by 1. 33 inches. Is the camera sensor larger made for a smartphone and that is combined with a 6.F9 lens. The Xiaomi States that it allows you to crop a photo in 8x without revealing the pixels.

There is also an ultra-wide-angle 20 MP lens that bends as a macro lens that allows you to get closer to 1.5 centimeters and. Finally, there is a 12 MP telephoto lens that allows you to go up to a 2X optical zoom and allows you to use the portrait mode for selfies.

Mi Mix Alpha
Mi Mix Alpha Price

The Mi Mix Alpha imitator when converting from the price in China will cost up to 2.5 Lakhs rupees in India. But then, again, after showing the smartphone to some of us in the media.

Xiaomi also said the device is not yet ready and they’re still evaluating. Whether this should go mainstream the biggest challenge is manufacturing at present.

Xiaomi said only one single belt in a factory in China is capable of producing. This piece from the future but we might see elements of the Mi Mix Alpha trickle down to flagship offerings from Mi phones this year.


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