Upcoming Mobile Samsung S20 Ultra You Should Know About It

Today’s news it seems like Samsung S20 Ultra might very well be the naming for the 2020 model, in fact, things are getting pretty ultra if you know what I mean so as rated by isomers. Here’s what we’re gonna see next year coming from Samsung.

So instead of the Galaxy S20, we’re gonna see galaxy S20 the 6.2-inch version. The 6.7 S20 will actually be a Galaxy S20 Plus and then there’s going to be a six-point nine-inch Samsung S20 Ultra.     Yes, some things about to go Samsung S20 ultra instinct what this biggest and the most open version of the S20. That is a big change in the naming not only the number Samsung is adding a proper vert.

The Samsung S20 Ultra and I think ultra is better than pro again it’s not 100% confirmed. But it seems like Samsung will most likely be adopting this name. because I don’t think we have any flagship out therewith ultra named in it. So this definitely does bring a lot of new unique things to it at first the personality of the biggest s20 model.  

Samsung S20 Ultra features

If you look at the big Camera tank size on the back the huge 6.9-inch screen it’s Samsung S20 Ultra gonna be amazing. It’s truly going to be the phone for the ultra users now out of all the galaxy astronomers all the ultra model could. Get the exclusive hundred-and-eight mavis little custom sensor. It’s gonna have 5x optical zoom a wide-angle lens ultra-wide-angle lens ultra also defines.

The size of this Samsung S20 Ultra phone and the better you’ll get which is rumored to be around 5000 mAh a battery. That is truly made to handle a phone with a dynamic 120 Hertz OLED panel, in fact, the whole s20 lineup is having bigger size. And a bigger battery compared to the S10.   You’ve seen in 2019 I really like what Samsung is doing with the smallest model the galaxy S20. Instead of S20, they’re going with the Samsung S20 Ultra something that Apple did they have their iPhone 11.  

Samsung S20 Ultra suppose to adopt the same camera as well as the same internals as the higher-end models. It might not have the same quad HD display as Samsung might go with a 1080p option again we’ll see more. On that also Samsung foldable phone explains to be launch before the Galaxy S20 family. The new foldable clamshell design galaxy will be an affordable higher mid-range device.  

Samsung S20 Ultra

It’s not gonna have the most premium looking design It’s not gonna be using the same camera as the s20 family and also not the same internals as the s20 family. Which is why it’s going to be an affordable clamshell phone. But still, it’s gonna be a very interesting phone of the year. He’s gonna be using a punch-hole design towards and the middle and clamshell folding mechanism.

It’s got a dual camera on the back as well as a plastic design overall. Again it’s not a very high-end product but it’s definitely very interesting. And I’m really happy to see that Samsung is bringing something like their stores fold line up. It might not be called galaxy fold – since the original fold is pretty high-end with the specs.

So there’s a good chance that this phone might have an entirely different name. So this could get announced at CES 2020 or at a separate event before the S20 family announcement. This is gonna happen in February now phones are not the only thing that.

Samsung is currently working on at CES 2020 Samsung will be unveiling an artificial human call as neon. We talked about this before it’s gonna be a digital artificial human. To which we can interact with its not big speed or anything like that. It’s something entirely different very few details are actually out regarding this.

But I’ll keep you guys updated when more stuff is out another thing that Samsung is rumor to unveil at CES 2020. Is it true zero-bezel TV yes a proper zero-bezel. And I mean zero-bezel TV with 8k resolution at CES 2020. Samsung is actually just posted a teaser for our CES event happening on January 6. There is in this empty shape the TV and the tagline is the age of experience.

This most likely is the desert doers a bezel-less experience. Again everything will be unveiled at CES 2020. Their artificial human as well as this crazy zero-bezel TV. We might see the Galaxy S10 light and no dent light as well along with the foldable clamshell galaxy phone.

All this is planning before the S20 family launch so in the month of February. We’re gonna see the brand new kickoff of the 2020 Year with Samsung flagship devices. Named as S20 and the biggest as Samsung S20 Ultra.   Let me know your thoughts on that in the comment section below what you think about it. I wish you guys a very warm Happy New Year.


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