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Do You Know Why Is Redmi 8 Mobile Phone So Popular?

Hi I Am Abhijit From Halchalbazaar.Com And Now The Let’s Talk About Of The Redmi 8 Mobile Phone.

Let Me Tell You What I Think About It. What My Initial Impressions Are. And If This Device Is May Be Worth The Price. So Without Any More Time So Let’s Jump Into This Article.

Redmi 8 Design

So First Of All, It Is Really A Unique Design Of Xiaomi. Now First Of All That Color Is Call Sunset Red. And The Name Fits Perfectly.

How The Smart Phone Looks Like There Is A Red Orange Gradient On The Back. Which Is Actually One Of The Most Unique Gradients That One Has Seen Is A Bit Attractive.

Certainly, It Is Not For Everyone, But For People Who Like It. I Am Sure It Is Now A Very Bold Design, Although It Uses Polycarbonate In Redmi 8 Mobile Phone.

It Is Very Well Built Up And Down. You Have These Flat Sides That Really Give It A Very Premium Look.

Then Apart From That Color, You Also Have Not Only That Color On The Back Side But You Also Have An Ugly Texture.

Back It Is Not As Clear As We Saw With The Realme C2. But It Is Very Frightening And It Feels Great As Well As Great On Hand.

And I Think That The Design Language That Has Gone Into Redmi.

It Really Amazes Me That A Company Will Implement That Kind Of Design Language. Which Does This Kind Of Design Work Even On The Back Of A Phone.

Redmi 8

Port & Audio Jack

He Does Not Spend A Lot. Now Apart From This, Another Non-Obvious Thing For This Price Range Is A USB Type-C Port At The Bottom.

This Is The First Redmi Phone Of This Type Of Budget Section That You Will Receive Type C Port. First And Among The Very Few Phones Under The Packet Worth That 9000, Eight Thousand Rupees.

Where You Get A USB Type-C Which Is Probably Only One Phone Under That Price Packet. Then You Get The Same Speaker Grill.

And A 3.5mm Headphone Jack With Two Noise-Canceling Microphones At The Top. You Get Nothing Just A Single Noise Cancellation Microphone.

On The Right  You Have The Power Button And The Volume Rocker And On The Left.

There’s Just That Triple Sim Slot Tray So From The Design Perspective. I Think The Redme 8 Is One Of The Most Elegantly Designed Phones In This Price Range.


Now From Design Let’s Move On To The Display. And The Display Is Surprisingly Gorgeous So You Have An Lcd Display It’s Of Course not 1080p.

It’s 700 Db Plus But It’s pretty Damn Crisp And Very Colourful As You Can See On Your Screens Right Now.

The Display Is Very Good So It Comes With A Screen Protector. And At The Same Time, You Get An Lcd Display With Very Good Colorist. Of Course, It Is A Larger Display Than The Previous Device.

And Of Course That Is In The Market And Xiaomi There Was A Need For People To Wake Up And For This We Brought This Device. Now The Display Is Particularly Good.

So You Have Dark Modine Software And With It Dark Mode. I Honestly Wonder How Good It Looks On This Lcd Too.

That We Display Weissen, But Here Black Is Seen As Black And Endomon Which Does Not Know. Uncompressed People Easily Forget The Price Of This Phone Value For Amoled Display.

That’s Just How Good That LCD Display Is The Touch Response On This Is Very Good.

If You Remove That Plastic Screen Protector. Of Course, You’ll Get Slightly Better That’s Responsive. The Display Is Also Protected By Gorilla Glass 5.

So Again Premium Features At This Phenomenal Pricing. Then From That Display Let’s Move On To The Software And Inside. As You Saw This Comes With MIUI 10 Built On Top Of Android 9 Right.

But You Do Get MIUI 10 Right Now And MIUI 10 As You All Know Is Very Very Immature. Now One Thing That With Mi You Attend A Lot Of People Talk About Is Threads And As Of Now In My Minimal Usage. I Have Not Seen One Ad On This Phone

So I Think Xiaomi Is Really Working To Make Sure That The User Experience Is Not Hundred. And I Can Clearly See That With The Redmi 8.

It Now With Software You Also do Get Doc Mode With Mi UI 10 And That Dark Mode Is Absolutely Beautiful. As I Said You See How Good The Settings. The Google In Panel All This Looks With That Dark Mode On Now From Software Let’s Actually Move on to the internals of this phone.

Now The Internals Will Not Be The Most Prominent Part Certainly. Because The Price Range Is So Low Sounder The Hood You Get A Snapdragon 439chipset. Which Is An Octa-Core Chipset. It Has To High-Performance Goals With The Cortex A53. And Has Six Low-Performance Power Conserving Modes.

Now Those Power Conserving Modes Will Be The Ones That Helped With The Battery Life. Which Will, Of Course, Talk About Later.

RAM And Camera Of Redmi 8

Now With The RAM Options, You Do Get Two Or Three Gigs Of RAM Both With 32gbstorage. So That’s One Good Thing That They’re Not Compromising On That 32gbstorage. But At The End Of This Article When I Tell You The Prices.

I Think The Choice Will Be Much Easier Now At The Back You Get A Single Camera Setup. Which Actually Looks Very Symmetrical At The Back Of It. That Long Design That Xiaomi Is Providing.

Now That Single-Camera Is A 12-Megapixel Sensor On The Front. You Have An 8-Megapixel Sensor. Now, This Is Certainly Not The Most Expensive Of Phones. Which Is Why The Camera Setup Is The Bare.

Redmi 8 Camera

The Minimum That Said There’s One Interesting Thing. Here As Well So The Sensor That That Single Camera Is Using Is The Sony Imx 363. And Mind You This Is The Same Sensor That’s Inside The Poco F1. And It Was Inside The V1 X Was A Very Expensive Phone.

Even The Poco Is Significantly More Expensive Than The Redmi 8 Here. But I Think The Fact That Xiaomi Has Brought That Sensor Down To This Price.

So That You Again Have That Kind Of Premium Experience. Even At This Price Is Truly Applause-Worthy. Now For Pictures, You Can Take A Look At The Pictures. That We Took Using This There’s Also A Video That I Took Using The Redmi 8 Mobile.

It Please Take A Look At All These Shots And You Let Me Know In The Comment Section What You Think About These Pictures. And Of Course, Those Are My Thoughts For The Full Review That’s Also Coming Very Very Soon.

5000 Mah Battery

Now Finally We Come To The Battery And Yet Again If The Redmi 8 It Does Not Disappoint. Because Inside The Small Chassis You Have A Massive 5000 Mah Battery. Now Looking At The Size Of This Phone. I Don’t Think You’ll Be Able To Guess That There Is A5000 Mah Battery Inside.

Even The Weight Has Been Equally Distributed That’s It. There Are That Massive Battery. And Windows 6 Pocket Serving Course That The Snapdragon 439 Has.

 I Think The Battery Life Will Be Absolutely Phenomenal Think The Redmi. A Day Could Easily Be Of The Best Battery Life Providing Android Phones. That We Will See In This Under 20,000 Price Range Now.

That That5000 Mah Battery. You Also Get Something Else That Is That 18 Watt Fast Charging Supports. So You Do Get 18 Watts Fast Charging Support At This Minimal Price.

I’m Certainly Surprised By The Things That Xiaomi Is Giving You Do Not Get An 18-Watt Charger. That Would Have Been Absolutely Bonkers And You Have Support For 18 Watts.

What Faster Things But If You Do Happen To Have An 18-Watt Charger Or A Higher Rated Watt Charger At Home.

Then The Redmi They Will Be Able To Support Up To 18 Watts Of Fast Charging Which Is Absolutely Insane.


Now Why I’ve Been Saying Throughout All This Article That This Is Insane Is Because Of The Price Of This Phone.

So The Redmi A Date With All These Things With That. Gorgeous Display Upfront Seven Or EP Plus With This Beautiful Design.

At The Back Which Is Truly Unique And That Color, Of Course. You Have Also Had USB Type-C Single Speaker Grill That Headphone Jack. You Have The Snapdragon 439 Two Or Three Gigs Of Ram 5000 Mah Battery.

18 Watt Fast Charging The Same Sony Sensor That The Poco A Phone. .And The Redmi 8 All Of This Can Be Yours For Just  Rs. 9799.

And I Think For That Rs. 9799/- Prices This Is One Of The Best Deals There In The Market. That Said You’ll, Of Course, Let Me Know Our Final Thoughts In The Full Review.

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