12 Amazing Battery Charging Tips For New Android Mobile Phones (2020)

Battery Charging tips all speak for your Android mobile phones, but does that really work or not? Do not worry, today we will tell you the tips for your Android mobile phone, when you apply, you will know after that.

If you guys haven’t noticed phone manufacturers nowadays have been striving for faster-charging batteries and longer-lasting batteries in your Smartphones. Because well isn’t that what we want. We want our phones to last the whole day and then that’s like the middle of the day and you’re checking your phone and you’re just like it’s down.


So what gives well we need to live with the hardware we’re given but what we can change is our usage habits. Here are the main things you can do to maximize your Smartphone’s battery life. Some of them may take some time and some of them might be right under your noses ut we can assure you that it’s way better than having your battery replaced because that can get kind of pricey.

1- Displaying The Battery Percentage

Start by displaying the battery % percentage on your phone. You can find this, in the settings usually under notifications display or status bar and with this basic feature you will be kept aware of how much mileage you’re consuming.

2- Keep Your Phone In Right Place

To keep your phone in places where the temperature is just right. A cool dry place That’s not too hot or cold will keep your battery in good condition. Extreme temperatures affect the performance of lithium-ion batteries but if you do find yourself in such scenarios.

Try to keep your device in the right temperature and avoid using it. Leaving it in your car would probably be the worst move.

3- Put your mobile on the auto-brightness mode

Besides the apps, you use most of the time the one that mostly eats up your battery life is your screen. So take the time to dim your screen brightness manually.

I wouldn’t recommend auto-brightness and shorten your auto-lock duration because keeping it high commonly makes you unaware of how long your screen is on without even using it. Usually, the lowest is thirty seconds but other phones can do 15 seconds.

4- Use A Dark Theme

Switch to the dark side. Choose a darker theme or wallpaper if your phone has an OLED or AMOLED screen. It’d be great if your phone had a dedicated dark mode for its UI also. I know that live wallpapers look cool but don’t use it when you want to save some battery.

5- Turn On Your Phone Power Saver Mode

The easiest and probably the most helpful. That is to turn on your phone’s power saver mode. This will allow your phone to automatically do the work for you and although it will reduce the features you use. It will also limit the performance of the CPU for more power. You may also find this as a shortcut in your drop-down menu for Android Phone. It is a very important tips for charging the battery of your android mobile phones.

6- Turn Off Your Mobile Push Notification

To turn off or customize your push notifications. Push notifications can be really useful but they can also eat up your battery. So go through them one by one and the settings on their apps. Then ask yourself do you really need that specific app to notify you. Maybe some can be turned off like games and keep the ones you really need. You’ll never know this might even give you less stress in the long run. It is another valuable tips for charging the battery.

7- Easy The Connectivity

Go easy on the connectivity like Wi-Fi, Mobile data, GPS, Bluetooth, Hotspot. They don’t really consume much unless the apps are using need them. But even if they are on standby mode they are still in a way drinking up that juice. There’s a reason why these connectivity options are more accessible in the drop-down menu in the command center. You just turn them on whenever you need them come on this few taps do it.

8- Turn Off Automatic Downloads On Your Google Playstore

The tips is to use Wi-Fi moreover mobile data and turn off automatic downloads and your Google Play Store or Apple App Store moving on another battery consuming aspect in your devices whenever your vibrate is on so turn it off and just use sound instead if you want to save a little more in life turn the volume down to now when it comes to apps it saves two-hour battery life when you use light versions or progressive web apps.

For example: Use Facebook Lite over the original Facebook app it has a simpler interface and they take fewer resources without you having to miss out on much.

9- Clear The Running Application On The Background

To clear the applications running in the background. Some people say that it doesn’t really work but killing them actually keeps your phone’s Ram optimized. So that plus saving some juice sounds like a good deal for me.

10- Turn Off Gestures And Features

To turn off gestures and features you find unnecessary such as raised awake as well as Google Assistant or Siri unless you really need them of course.

11- Avoid using a fast charger if the phone is not made for it

Avoid using a fast charger when your phone isn’t made for it. Honestly, it stresses the battery out. If your phone supports fast charging though it’s best to use chargers made for that specifically. But what if you forgot your charger it’s no longer working. It’s okay to buy one with the normal or lower wattage as it will not stress your phone over. Then if you really need it then use the fast charger.

12- The Set amount of charge-discharge cycles

Lithium-based batteries have a set amount of charge-discharge cycles. So if you always use your phone from 100% to 0% before fully charging again. Then you will shorten its overall lifespan but if you say whenever it hits 50% you plug it in then you can prolong its life now.

Conclusion: These tips can surely help you maximize your android phones battery for charging. It is your choice at the end of the day if you want to follow them or not but if you’re somebody who likes to bring a power bag or charger around all day then do whatever you want. If that’s a hassle for you we hope these tips help you keep your daily driver up with you all day. So did you find this article helpful if so let us know in a comment section below


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